Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team focuses on making 2A Sourcing, A one stop shop for all your sourcing needs across the globe.

The domain experts dedicated global reach, latest market trends, technology updates, production trends and evolving consumer relationship. We are strongly dedicated to provide a robust platform for assuring the right blend of quality and efficiency.

We thrive to create a long term business relationships by creating a B2B virtual market place by establishing a direct connect between buyer and supplier. As a strategic partner, think of us as an extension of your procurement team, as dealing with the large number of providers, transaction and categories need more focused resource to streamline the entire process. We reach into the interiors of India to explore quality and reliable vendors who have a proven record of service satisfaction, large order handling & quality deliverance but are far from the reach of internet. Vendor, then gets empaneled with us and are available to cater to your ready requirements as well as with product development.

Who are we?

We are based out of Delhi/NCR, India, 2A Sourcing endeavor to become your trust for sourcing worthy B2B platform for sourcing needs. Our team of professionals with the extensive experience is focused with a unified goal of getting our global customers an instant and easy access to the Indian manufacturers.

The knowledge of our cream layer will benefit the brand’s enhancement in India. From product creation to logistics, production follow-up and quality control, 2A Sourcing will help you provide an easy access, coordination and communication for sourcing, quality goods and logistics expertise your entire transactions

Why 2A Sourcing?

Having more than 100 suppliers empaneled , 2A Sourcing specializes in sourcing of various products worldwide. Our team comprises of some of the best team mates who with their problem solving approach makes sure that the client receives the best quality product which is created in an ethical work environment. Also, goods are shipped only after on-site inspection, in-line production and final inspection.

Our commitment and loyalty towards services makes us stand out of the crowd as for us maintaining a healthy environment for our valued customers is a salient feature. In fact, to make the supply chain transparent we motivate our customers to plan a visit to factories, consolidators and material suppliers with whom we work on their behalf.

With deep rooted supplier links, active product range and technical knowledge allows us to cater to the varying needs of our diverse clients worldwide. We help our clients to locate and develop products at competitive prices. Our accountability, transparency and consistency make us stand apart in the competition. We provide all our clients with a valuable business partnership for sourcing the right product at the right price.

Quality Assurance

“Consistency for us is dynamic in nature.”
We serve as the essence of our clients. Our team, field support, product technicians and quality assurance inspectors ensures that our clients merchandise is made to the highest quality standards in an ethical work environment, shipped on time with on-site inspection of raw materials, in-line production, a pre-shipment final inspection and shipped on board.


“Transparency explains the truth in the process.”
2 A Sourcing maintains a positive environment for its valued customers by preserving a transparency in the entire development process . To keep the supply chain completely transparent we encourage our clients to visit the factories, consolidators and material suppliers with whom we work on their behalf.

Social Compliance

“Our ethics and responsibilities.”
All our suppliers are in complete compliance with the most stringent social, labour, human rights and environmental standards.


“Accountability makes us responsible in every aspect of business.”
Being responsible is the first step. 2ASourcing makes it a point to achieve its commitments in an unsurpassed way to institute a belief in the work we do by our cherished customers. 100% accountability for all actions helps in making strong decisions by our esteemed personnel for the definitive wellness of the required product. At 2ASourcing we believe, criticism comes to those who take the responsibility to achieve a higher aim in life.

The business structure of 2a sourcing is designed to meet our customers changing needs. Quick Contact