Quality Control and Inspection

We bridge the gap of communication and coordination with the suppliers, bankers and test laboratories. 2A Sourcing believes both in-process and final inspection of the products. As the in-process inspections gives the manufacturer a responsibility to address all the defects found during the production process. And, the final inspection is an additional layer of quality inspection, ensuring high product quality. After the completion of this process, products are then delivered on permission of the quality inspector.

Logistics Support:

Ideal sourcing comes from the excellence achieved during operations, namely pre-production, production and post-production. Our team works with your suggested coordinators in required synchronization to plan an efficient consolidation of the cargo.


The globalization of supply chain methods and the outsourcing of logistics services has provided organizations a tremendous benefit across vertical lines, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies. This has, however, brought fresh difficulties in the surveillance, analysis and response to supply chain incidents. Logistics solutions have gained acceptance with the ample use of GPS, RFID, barcode, material handling equipment, mobile applications, handheld devices and cloud technology.

Quality Control

Data Management

Data management experts in 2A Sourcing prioritize short and long-term goals. We go deep in your IT infrastructure for developing the best strategies for integrating data and business processes with new technologies. The experts design detailed roadmaps to evaluate technical techniques, make suggestions prioritized and suggest service-specific alternatives. Our data management solutions include:

Data management

Assessment of current data management procedures to establish best practices for information handling within and outside your organisation.

Data quality management

Developing instruments and procedures for evaluating, managing, controlling and improving information precision, validity and quality across companies.

Data architecture valuation

Analyze the existing data environment and develop guidelines that will address operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.

Data integration

Analyzing and developing data collection guidelines and how they are transformed and stored.

Data security

Analyze existing data security processes and develop best practices to improve the protection and security of data content during transmission.
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