Supply chain Management

We believe in building sustainable supply chains

Supply chain Management

Sustainability is a part of our culture and provides us with a guiding framework for how we manage our impact while contributing to the development of the communities in which we live and work.

We manage our global supply chains in alignment with our overall Sustainability Strategy. We take our responsibility to our employees, customers, suppliers and the workers in our supply chains very seriously.

Our initiatives to enhance supply chain sustainability focuses on three areas:

  • managing risk and furthering compliance along our supply chains
  • raising sustainability performance
  • collaborating with customers and industry partners

all with the aim of building better supply chains. We recognize that our business can influence positive change in our industry. Improving both working conditions and livelihoods of workers and their families in our sourcing communities is important to us

We focus on capacity building to enable our suppliers to better manage their factories.

Sustained change in our industry takes time and investment. As a leading supply chain solutions and logistics solutions company, we support our suppliers to improve factory working conditions to meet ever-changing industry expectations.

Our assessment, technical support and capacity-building efforts focus on establishing better-managed factories and better working conditions. We believe that to achieve sustained change in the supply chain, it is essential to support factories to raise compliance standards and ensure that factories have the information and training to build their capacity to integrate social and environmental best practices into their day-to-day operations. Building capability across our supplier base helps raise compliance standards in the industry.

We are creating the supply chain of the future

The retail industry is undergoing massive change and disruption and this has resulted in a transformational change to traditional supply chain management.

At 2a Sourcing, we’re building a digital supply chain with innovative services and solutions to help our customers and suppliers navigate the digital economy. A fully digital global supply chain will enable us to be a catalyst for change, delivering data-driven insights for faster, smarter business decisions.

Our interactive digital platform links all stakeholders, enabling speed and innovation as never before.

Working with brands and retailers

We offer the flexibility for our customers to choose from a number of different business models (including that of an agent, importer, wholesaler or supplier). This unique model enables us to work with any type of customer from luxury brands to hypermarkets, whether they sell online, offline or multi-channel, and under any type of partnership.

From apparel, general merchandise and home, to accessories and footwear, at the heart of our business is a passion to create beautiful products that enhance the lives and experiences of consumers around the world.

Working with suppliers

We partner with our suppliers to focus on capacity building enabling them to better manage their factories, introducing greater efficiency and supporting our suppliers to improve factory working conditions to meet ever-changing industry expectations, for the benefit of workers, and all industry participants.

Our suppliers are in all key production markets around the world allowing us to flexibly move production across markets, balance capacity constraints and better meet customer needs. You can read more on our Supplier section.

Our business structure

The business structure of 2a sourcing is designed to meet our customers changing needs. It currently includes two segments: Services and Products. Services comprises supply chain solutions and logistics solutions and the products segment comprises onshore wholesale businesses in Europe, Americas and Asia.

The business structure of 2a sourcing is designed to meet our customers changing needs. Quick Contact